About Us

CHF Solutions


CHF Solutions Workwear supplies all brands of workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) including Snickers Workwear, Dewault, Cat, Sterling Safety, Dickies and Mascot to name but a few.

Shop Fittings

We are CHF Solutions, your store fittings, warehouse & shop equipment provider for the UK and Europe.

Who we are?

Every business needs a range of competitive advantages over the competition, and aligning yourself with the right partner or service provider can propel your business to new heights.

As a company, you want to present your brand, business, and services to your target market in a way that thrills and appeals to them. At CHF Solutions Ltd, we are committed to helping you achieve these goals through our customised services. Our comprehensive analysis showed that workwear and shop fittings are two important services that most companies and stores need, and those services have become the foundation of our brand and business.

CHF Solutions began full-fledged operation in 2010, with a mandate to provide workwear and innovative shop fittings to warehouses, shops, and stores. Our two main companies, Workwear Directly and Store Fittings Direct, share our philosophy and mandate to be one of the leading providers of game-changing services to UK businesses and companies.

Our workwear Solution

Workwear is one of our subsidiaries, and it focuses on supplying high-quality workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) to companies in Leicestershire and its environs. We boast of over five years’ experience in the workwear industry, and this reflects perfectly in the top-class services and solutions that we provide, with lots of happy clients to back up our claim.

The main objective of Workwear Directly is to become one of the leading suppliers of workwear and PPE to companies and businesses in Leicestershire and throughout the UK. We want to give businesses new identities by offering them customized workwear solutions.

Our store Fittings solution

Storefittingsdirect.co.uk is another subsidiary of CHF Solutions. Store Fittings Direct focuses mainly on providing customized digital solutions for stores, warehouses, and shops. Some of our customized solutions include shop fittings of various forms, Turnstiles, Bum Rail, Trolley Shelter, Digital menu boards, Digital Signage, and a range of other innovative solutions.

The main objective of Store Fittings Direct is to deliver innovative, game-changing solutions, such as security gates, queue management, impact protection, maintenance, and commissioning service to stores and warehouses nationwide. Our highly experienced team can handle any project. We work meticulously to deliver state of the art installations that meet your requirements and specifications.

For more information about CHF Solutions or any of our subsidiaries, Feel free to explore any of our websites to better understand what we do and how we can help improve your business and brand.